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Hi, I'm Lula! (she/her)

I'm a chronically ill author of stories with positive representation of neurodiversity, disability, mental health, and body image. Oh, and plenty of rainbow-soaked queer joy because the world needs way more of that!

I write speculative books with romantic elements and romantic books with speculative elements—think sci-fi thrillers and what I like to call “nerdmances” starring people who would perhaps never be pictured on the covers of traditional swoonworthy romance covers.


Nerds and geeks deserve their Happily Ever Afters, too!

Headshot of author Lula Lockwood against a vine-covered redwood stump. She has brown skin and shoulder-length wavy brown hair. She wears mirrored sunglasses, a soft neck collar, and a tie-dyed shirt


Short Version 

I'm a recovering PhD and full-time nerd with a background in physics, biology, and the history of science and technology who writes geeky YA rom-coms and Adult speculative books.

Long version

I live on Northern California's gorgeously soggy redwood coast where I attempt to channel my hyperspeed ADHD brain into a productive writing career. I'm a former professor of the history of science, technology, and gender but fiction has always been my primary creative outlet, and I was accepted into the 2022 Author Mentor Match for my first sci-fi novel. I recently pivoted to queer YA romance, and my newest books reflect my experience as a supernerdy disabled BIPOC who's as obsessed with sci-fi fandoms as my characters.

Serious Version

After studying physics and biology as an undergraduate and earning a PhD from Harvard University, Lula became an Assistant Professor before disability necessitated a leave of absence from academia that ultimately morphed into a second act as an author of rom-coms and speculative novels. She now resides in an off-grid home tucked into a redwood forest, where she writes, bakes, and spends time with her family and cats.

Not-so-serious Version

  • Says no to unexpected insects, yes to unexpected French fries

  • Thinks Max Max is a documentary

  • Passionate about mechanical pencils


Random Things I love:

  • foggy mountaintops

  • really good chocolate

  • sketching cubes

  • miniatures and other tiny things (food, houses)

  • fandoms: Star Trek, LOTR, The Terminator, Max Max: Fury Road, Life is Strange

  • tropes: slow burn, mutual pining, sibling rivalry, small towns, forced proximity, "You look cold, take my jacket"




I acknowledge that I live and write on the traditional homeland of the Wiyot Tribe, and pay my respect to elders both past and present who have stewarded this land since time immemorial.

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